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Decompression from South Beach to continue for the remainder of the day...
Not withstanding all the damage done here:

during the South Beach Food and Wine show, as for South Beach itself, it was an amazing experience. I can't say that money didn't matter down there, but considerng how diverse the area was, virtually everyone fit it and got along. My friend was right that attitudes there were virtually nonexistent, while the Beach never looked so beautiful. Personal highlights of South Beach:

-Running up and down the beach along the afternoon surf.
-Watching the cruise liners depart for their week long voyages
-First Topless Beach EVAR!!!!
-sharing a real cubano sandwich with shots of cuban coffee.
-Walking with my wife, watching all the neon come up as the sun sets.
-Seeing my wife politely haggle for a beautiful necklace.

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Sounds like it was a good time homie. A good time indeed.

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